Welcome to sweetheart miniatures!

We raise miniature horse, Nigerian Dwarf goats, and American Miniature Cheviot Sheep in Central Texas. We have a limited number of babies available each year, please contact us if you are interested in a lovingly raised lamb, kid,  or foal.

miniature livestock rock!

  • American Miniature Cheviot Sheep

    We have a small flock of registered Miniature Cheviot sheep. They are under 23" in height and have soft, springy wool. They are wonderful pets and natural lawnmowers!

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  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats

    We have a small herd of registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  Many of ours are naturally polled (hornless) and have blue eyes. All are super-friendly and well-socialized.

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  • American Miniature Horses

    We have a small herd of AMHA and AMHR registered miniature horse of all different colors and sizes. We have a small number of elegant little foals available for sale each year for pet or show.

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